Remote Alaska Fly Fishing and Hunting

Alaska fly fishing and hunting with Aleutian Adventures! Where the Ring of Fire meets the sea. Come join us in one of the final, untouched fishing and hunting regions in the world.  Leave the crowds behind and experience Alaska as it used to be!

Alaska Fishing

Remote fly fishing trips with Aleutian Adventures.  Fly fish with us and leave the crowds behind! We fish some of the best waters in Alaska; these rivers are seemingly made for fly fishing.  We target chrome bright salmon and steelhead, preferably on the swing.  To make things even better, we even have private access.   If you like to swing flies for big fish with out crowds, this is the place for you! If you tire of swinging flies for salmon and steelhead, there are plenty of rainbows and dollie varden around to keep you busy.  Read More

If you are looking to fish for both salmon and halibut while in Alaska, we also offer combination trips.  These combination trips are customized to fit your needs and allows you to pursue both halibut and salmon.  Our combination trips consistently produce great fishing experiences for everyone. Come fish with us in one of the last untouched remote regions left in Alaska!  Call for details.

Alaska Hunting

Alaska hunting with Aleutian Adventures has one of a kind hunting opportunities for you. If you are into hunting big game; come hunt for world record-setting reindeer on the most productive areas of the state! If you are a bird hunter, look no further.  Our bird hunting is un rivaled; pursue trophy sea ducks like Eiders, King Eiders, Harlequin, and Aleutian Teal- just to name a few.  Please join us and let the adventure begin!  Read More